The phenomenon of fan fiction essay

Smut[ edit ] Smut is sexually explicit or pornographic writing. This could refer to a small portion of a story, or in its entirety. The terms "lemon" and "lime" are often used to allude to the upcoming sexual scene.

The phenomenon of fan fiction essay

Related Articles Spells, Stories, and Secrets. Rowling would not reveal any information about the upcoming book in the Harry Potter series.

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Although Rowling was secretive about the upcoming plot, she has revealed that two characters die in the final installment. That disclosure has prompted speculation There is a small secular culture war about whether these books are good enough to deserve their acclaim, whether they will endure as classics or fade as fads.

The charge, which given the mass Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter book series. With just two movies and an armada of related merchandise, J. An entire generation of readers has read the story several times and has watched the movies. There are several reasons why J.

One reason is that there is no Rowling, the best-selling book series are full of ghostly characters. The main character of the books, Harry Potter, goes to a wizardry school named Hogwarts which is haunted by over 20 ghosts Rowling, in light of the release of its final installment.

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Harry Potter Becoming a Stage Play. It cites the charges against the series and the criticism faced by its authors.

It claims that reading the novels as a political discourse wouldIn addition, a number of journalists writing about the fan fiction phenomenon in general seem to believe that all fan fiction is slash, or at least erotic in character.

Thus was born fan fiction, defined as “fiction, usually fantasy or science fiction, written by a fan rather than a professional author based on already existing characters from a television series, book, film, etc.” Excluded from the definition is that their efforts, well-intentioned, often tongue-in-cheek and almost always fun, usually turn out badly.

The Phenomenon of Fan Fiction Essay - A superhero is a type of fictional personality having unusual talents and powers. They most often appear in books of comics.

The essay discusses the popularity of the Harry Potter narrative and the phenomenon of fan fiction. The Internet has provided "fanzines" and slash fiction with a mass readership.

The phenomenon of fan fiction essay

J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter books are the largest source of fan fiction and slash stories. Categories in directories. Fan fiction and fairy tales share some enemies. As the practice of writing new stories using public figures or previously published fictional characters, situations, and settings, fan fiction is often derided as hopelessly derivative.

To the fan-adjacent outsiders who are at least aware that fanfiction exists, it’s often associated with high-profile examples like the bad-fic-turned-bad-novel Fifty Shades of Grey and, well.

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