The internal and external conflicts in the odyssey an epic poem by homer

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The internal and external conflicts in the odyssey an epic poem by homer

The conflict that unfolds in regards to Odysseus' revenge begins when he leaves for the Trojan War. He doesn't return home for the next twenty years, mostly because of the god Poseidon's revenge against him.

While he is away, his palace and home are swarmed by men from Ithaca and the surrounding areas. They think that Odysseus is dead, and hope to marry his wife Penelope. Not only is she a beautiful woman, but marriage to her would secure the entire kingdom of Ithaca as well as the riches it holds.

These suitors basically start camping out on the grounds, eating all of the food and taking up all of the space.

The internal and external conflicts in the odyssey an epic poem by homer

They overstep the bounds of hospitality in every way possible. No one in the household can get rid of them, because there are so many and they are so persistent. Odysseus and Penelope's son is very young he was an infant when Odysseus leftand household is mostly servant girls some of whom are sleeping with the suitors.

The resolution begins when Odysseus finally returns to Ithaca. He arrives in disguise, but reveals himself to his son Telemachus. He keeps his identity a secret from Penelope.

Throughout the years, Penelope has been devising ruse after ruse to keep the suitors at bay. She can't get rid of them, but she does slow them down with her cleverness. At this point, they are tired of waiting and demand a final resolution. Penelope comes up with another clever plan: She announces that she will marry the man who can actually handle Odysseus' great bow.

Quite a metaphor, huh? The point is that none of the suitors can actually do this--only Odysseus. Finally, Odysseus reveals himself. During this time, he has been disguised as an old beggar man, and the suitors have been treating him horribly.

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In the dramatic climax, he reveals that he is their long-lost king, takes the bow, shoots it easily, and then begins the massacre. He and Telemachus, aided by his loyal servants and the goddess Athena, kill the entire room full of suitors.

The internal and external conflicts in the odyssey an epic poem by homer

They spare no one. They also kill all of the disloyal servants who had gone to the side of the suitors. Thus, his revenge is satisfied.The Odyssey: A Short Summary Odyssey battles internal and external conflict to take part in the Trojan War.

It is at a time when his son Telemachus, is only a month old. Ten years after the war, Odysseus retraces his steps back home. By that time, Telemachus is twenty and living with his mother Penelope in Ithaca. Heroic men, heroic women, and animals. See also the section The courage of the bullfighters, which includes material on the courage of the rock climbers and mountaineers, including the remarkable achievements of the free climber Alex Honnold..

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