The ghost of christmas past essay

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The ghost of christmas past essay

The ghost of Marley warns Scrooge that if he has to change his ways and he still has a chance of escaping his fate. This promotes benevolence, charity and philanthropy because he is starting to change so others can too.

He throws a Christmas party and Dickens describes it in a very lively manner. The Ghost of Christmas Past is working on Scrooge when he first walks into the warehouse.

Fezziwig is very warm hearted, as an employer should be and Dickens contrasts between the warm hearted Fezziwig to the misery old Scrooge as employers. After Fezziwigs ball Dickens has the old Scrooge enjoy himself.

He has the power to render us happy or unhappy; to make our service light or burdensome; a pleasure or toil. The happiness he gives, is quite as great as if it cost a fortune. Whereas Scrooge treats Cratchit with little respect and makes him work in poor conditions.

Belle gives Scrooge the chance to break off the engagement because she is poor and she says that Scrooge loves money more than love, he has become mercenary.

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Dickens shows us where Scrooge chooses money over love. Dickens just uses a very short scene that could be a whole novel but instead he of doing that he gives Belle a cameo roll. The loneliness of Scrooge is emphasised by Dickens.

The ghost of christmas past essay

Scrooge extinguishes the Ghost of Christmas Past. The start of this stave an attractive scene is painted, Dickens paints such an attractive scene, we cannot help but be moved and excited by Christmas.

Dickens describes how Christmas is a good, exciting time. The reader is reminded of this as well as Scrooge.

The ghost of christmas past descriptive essay

Dickens has The Ghost of Christmas Present to take Scrooge on a tour of the city because Scrooge has never seen the city in the way the Ghost of Christmas Present shows it to him.

Dickens has Scrooge react in the way he does to the people in the street, because Dickens is showing that is asking questions about them.

This promotes benevolence and charity because people like Tiny Tim and feel sorry for the Cratchit family who have to survive on a small earning.

When Cratchit gives Mr.Essay A Christmas Carol. Each ghost marks an important step in Scrooge’s journey towards being a better person.

Explain In Dickens five stave novella each ghost in A Christmas Carol contributes to the final redemption of his journey to becoming a better person. A christmas carol ghost of christmas past essay - They can be of great use to even most expert technician. You want to be the employer preferred by our employees associated with preference.

You want to be the employer preferred by . The Ghost of Christmas Past is most effective on Scrooge because he reminds him of the person he used to be.

More than any of the other ghosts, the Ghost of Christmas Past makes a huge impression. These ghosts are the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

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They all show him different events of his life to try and change him, some good and some not so great. But, in the end, they were successful; Scrooge had changed. The Ghost of Christmas Past showed him his childhood and shadows of his life before his obsession with money.

This ghost shows him things that have already taken place and events he cannot change. This ghost shows him that his fixation with money was the reason he had no friends. He even lost his one and only love for money.

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The Ghost of Christmas Past Essay