The different topics of sin in the holy bible

The Bible is a tremendous resource and a wonderful gift from God!

The different topics of sin in the holy bible

How old is your Church? The Catholic Church compiled the Bible and spread Christianity all over the world, and according to protestants, Christ used a false church to spread his words all over the world for years?

The different topics of sin in the holy bible

This, obviously, is ridiculous to any good willed person, but since this world has few of these people, more evidence is needed. Just because some people call themselves Catholic do not make them Catholics.

In this sad instance of human history, there are now approximately 20, Protestant sects which all contradict each other on crucial doctrinal points. This proves to any good willed person that at least 19, sects must be wrong if we follow simple logic. Protestantism was unheard of even to the founders of it since they all started as Catholics which then apostatized.

True Christianity started at 33 AD, not in the 16th Century or later. This refutation of Protestantism should be spread to both Protestants and Catholics. To protestants in order to save them from their errors, make them aware that they been lied to, and draw them to the true Catholic Faith; to Catholics to make them feel safe in their faith and be able to refute heretics when the chance arises.

InDavid A. He projected that there would be 22, denominations by This would mean that there are approximately 25, or possibly 30, different denominations today.

Even if, for the sake of argument, one were to take a conservative estimate, and give the number as only 15, different denominations, this equates to more than one new sect having been created every two weeks.

Protestantism is man-made religion, in which each person ultimately determines for himself what he thinks the Bible teaches. Martin Luther the initiator of Protestantism condemned the doctrinal views of John Calvin and Huldrych Zwingli, two other leading Protestant figures.

They all claimed to follow the Bible.

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Basically all of these thousands of non-Catholics sects purport to be Christian and claim to follow the Bible, even though they disagree with each other on crucial doctrinal matters, such as: Most of these groups even claim that the individual "Christian" will be led by the Holy Spirit when privately reading the Bible.

The disunity of these sects constitutes an irrefutable proof that their doctrine is not of the Spirit of Truth; and that their principle of operation i. One Lord, one faith, one baptism. This book contains very detailed proofs, arguments, and responses to objections on the most important topics.

At the same time, however, it is deliberately as brief as possible so as to avoid unnecessarily long discussions. The combination of essential details and brevity make this book especially conducive for mass-distribution and interest to the general reader.

The book also contains sub-headings throughout so that the casual readers or those with less interest can the find topics and sections that might interest them, no matter what section they happen to read.

The different topics of sin in the holy bible

We feel very strongly about this book, and we encourage all readers of our website to obtain it and print it out and share to all who wonder about the true Biblical Faith.Where the world comes to study the Bible.

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The Bible covers many different topics related to spiritual matters. Study Bibles suggest sections for Views: K.

Bible Study Topic The Catholic Church and Faith is the only Christianity that begun at the year of 33 AD and is the only original and visible Church from the time of Christ.

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Bible verses about the subject Sin: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

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