School captain speeches for grade 6

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School captain speeches for grade 6

Every Year 6 student who has completed the student leadership conference and committed to the leadership charter will be presented as a Year 6 Leader in their final year of school. Year 6 Leaders are given the opportunity to plan, prepare and host school assemblies, to prepare newsletter items explaining the activities they have been undertaking, and to be involved as coordinators or helpers at EPS events.

School Captains Year 6 School captains represent the school at various times, run Student Representative Committee meetings as required, MC at special events, assist during major events such as swimming, athletics and cross country, thank special guests who come to the school, and to conduct tours of the school.

House Captains Year 6 House Captains hold House meetings before all major events such as swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals; assist during major events such as swimming, athletics and cross country; lead House supporters to encourage their fellow team mates; co-ordinate lunchtime sports sessions per term for different sections of the school; run the House Points and House Awards program; help the PE teacher when needed; and collect information for K and present sport awards at assembly.

Sport Squad Captains Year 6 students Sport Squad Captains help before and during district carnivals such as swimming, athletics and cross country; encourage sport squads to perform to the best of their ability at district carnivals; prepare acceptance speeches on behalf of the school in case the captains are required to accept trophies; and prepare speeches for school assembly to present trophies to the principal.

Peer Mediators Years 5 and 6 students Students in Years 5 and 6 will be offered the opportunity to be trained and act as a peer mediator at EPS. They are expected to: They meet and greet kindergarten children and parents; take small groups of children to their transition classroom; act as an assistant with one transition group for the duration of the program; and assist in the classroom by talking and playing with the children.We will write a custom essay sample on School captain speech specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Speeches for School Captain. How to cite this page. Choose cite format: School Captain Speech Final ; School Vice Captain ;. Our grade 6 students who are SRC candidates give their campaign speeches. Check it out and see who will be the winner!

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Student Leadership In Grade 5 students participate in the Grade 6 student leadership speeches by presenting their speeches to their peers and teachers and by listening to the student's speeches and voting.

Children are able to hold the positions of: School Captain - male and female School Vice Captain - male and female House Captains.

School captain speeches for grade 6

Templeton Primary School is a high performing, student focused school that places a high emphasis on student personal achievement and is committed to challenging our students in all areas of the curriculum.

In Grade 5/6, we love sharing our learning with others!

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