Random sat essay prompt

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Random sat essay prompt

At frst glance, it seems just a waste of a snapshot. Perhaps just another struggling photographer trying to pay the rent or who simply had one more shot left in a roll of flm and took a random picture.

It is an 8" by 11" color photograph of a man's neck, more specifcally the back of his neck. It is quite wrinkled and brown and white hair has invaded the scalp.

At frst I questioned why the photographer did not simply take a picture of his grandfather's face. A face would allow viewers to see what the grandfather looks like and tell some kind of story, certainly more than what the back of his neck could possibly tell.

What Random sat essay prompt came to realize is that this is no random shot. What this picture wants is for me to imagine and to create a story. It does not necessarily wish to be framed but the picture does not want to be overlooked or neglected. It wants to be given a chance to prove itself as equally worthy as any other photograph.

I do not need the face of the Abuelo to imagine the story of his life or personality. The back of his neck is just as important as his face. After spending some time with this Abuelo I learned that the back of his neck is not just brown, it is tanned.

Perhaps this man does a lot of work outside. The distinguished wrinkles are more than just lines. In between them there seems to be some kind of dust. I recognize this dust because it is the kind of dust my father gets when he is working with joint compound.

After examining a little more closely I noticed the multiple scars on his scalp which prevent his hair from growing. The tiny hole in his earlobe reminds me that he was young once and had, like many young teenage boys, pierced his ear. Around his neck I can see a glimpse of a brown necklace.

This necklace is very familiar to me because I own one. It is a very thin string with a small rectangular cloth at both ends. Many Catholics believe that it is something sacred. In this case this picture is not measured by the thousands of words it is worth, but it is measured by what I took from it.

It should not be criticized by what it does not have but should be valued for what it does have. I have found something in common with this photograph.

Random sat essay prompt

All along what this picture wanted from me was to fnd something familiar. That familiarity sets this particular picture apart from all other photographs I have encountered and what has kept it vividly visible after having come across it years ago. This is exactly what this photograph longed for: Essay Analysis Angelica takes an unconventional essay prompt, "Describe a picture and explore what it wants," and writes a short and creative essay that not only answers the prompt in an unexpected way but also demonstrates Angelica's dedication to learning more about her history.

The essay opens with the surprising sentence, "At frst glance, it seems just a waste of a snapshot. Angelica goes on to show an aptitude for vivid description, which she uses to illustrate the picture for those of us who aren't able to see it. We are also drawn into the mystery in wondering what meaning a photo of the back of someone's neck, wrinkled with brown and white hair, could possibly have.

Angelica states her answer to the essay prompt directly: The amount of information she is about to extract from small details like the color of Abuelo's skin demonstrates Angelica's impressive imaginative capacity and thoughtful analysis.

Random sat essay prompt

Even as fne a detail as dust in the wrinkles of the skin does not escape Angelica.Sat prompt and essay booklet pdf dissertation topic examples gst. Essay sport for health zum thema essay topics about environment bible advertising essay advantage and disadvantage vocabulary (essay problems at school experiences) a random act of kindness essay, service management essay obesity home essay examples comparison and contrast.

The redesigned SAT Essay asks you to use your reading, analysis, and writing skills. Important: Review Sample Essay Prompts Go directly to SAT Essay sample prompts. What is the SAT Essay? I’ve answered this question in more depth in other articles such as What is the SAT Essay?

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to quickly review – the SAT begins with a minute timed essay on a “random” prompt. From Penguin Random House Foundation The Creative Writing Awards are given to students with strong, original, and clear voices who are daring and unafraid to take risks in their writing.

Eligible students can be 21 years old and under, or a high school senior graduating from a .


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