Hr issue in air india essay

Article shared by The air transport is the fastest and the costliest mode of transport.

Hr issue in air india essay

The air pollution is a very big problem all around the world. The air pollution is increasing day by day. This type of the pollution refers to the contamination of the air due to various reasons. The human is the main reason behind the increase in the air pollution.

The air pollution occurs when the harmful gasses, dust particles and the smoke mix up in the air. This causes many harmful effects on the atmosphere, animals and plants.

Essay on Air pollution — Facts, Causes, Effects, Solutions The air pollution is increasing on a large scale because of the following activities: Burning of fossil fuels: The burning of the fuels like petrol, diesel, coal and other fuels is a very big reason for the air pollution.


This fuel is used in the vehicles, in the factories and in the industries on a large scale. We use the vehicles on a large scale for on our daily basis.

The over use of the vehicles is very dangerous for the environment because they cause the dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. The use of the insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers is increasing day by day in the agriculture. It also causes the air pollution.

The ammonia gas is produced due to the various agriculture activities and it is a big cause of the air pollution. The factories and industries are increasing everywhere in the world and these are very big reasons for the pollution.

Hr issue in air india essay

These factories cause various types of the pollution. The factories exhaust many dangerous gasses and chemicals. These gasses and chemicals cause the air pollution on large scale. The mining process causes many harmful dust particles and chemicals in air. These harmful dust particles and chemicals produce a large scale of air pollution.

This air pollution is very harmful for the environment and for the health of the people and workers who live nearby the mines. Use of harmful crackers: The crackers are used on a very large scale on the festival season.

The people use the millions of crackers on the festivals like Diwali and New Year. They also use it in the marriages and in other occasions. These cause the air pollution because the crackers release the harmful gasses and dust particles.

Essay on Pollution Causes and Effects These are the main reasons behind the air pollution. There are also some more reasons like increasing population, decreasing jungles and trees and many more.Management Style And Culture 7 Attitude towards employees 7 Decision-making process 7 Focus of Air India 7 Credibility & Caring-Key to Air India’s Culture 8 Role of Supervisors 8 Role of Relational Competence 9 Official Language Implementation 9 4.

Photo: Air pollution can cause a variety of lung diseases and other respiratory problems. This chest X ray shows a lung disease called emphysema in the patient's left lung. A variety of things can cause it, including smoking and exposure to air pollution. Last year, the Steering Committee on Air Pollution and Health-Related Issues, set up by India’s federal Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, submitted a report to the federal government on the devastating effects of air pollution on people’s health in India.

Air Pollution Air pollution is the accumulation in the atmosphere of substances that, in sufficient concentrations, endanger human health or produce other measured effects .

Weaknesses. 1. Labour Problems and political intervention is a cause of worry for Air India 2. Financial crisis leading to payment issues of employees.

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