How to write android application tutorial

By Joyce Echessa Material Design with the Android Design Support Library Material Design, a new design language that gives design guidelines for Android apps and apps on other platforms, was introduced with the release of Android 5.

How to write android application tutorial

Working Friendly Chat app. Welcome to the Friendly Chat codelab. In this codelab, you'll learn how to use the Firebase platform to create Android applications. You will implement a chat client and monitor its performance using Firebase.

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What you learn to do Allow users to sign in. Sync data using the Firebase Realtime Database. Receive background messages with Firebase Notifications. Configure an application with Firebase Remote Config.

Android Volley Tutorial - User Registration and Login

Track application usage flows with Google Analytics for Firebase. Allow users to send invitations to install with Firebase Invites. Display ads with AdMob. Report crashes with Firebase Crash Reporting. Test your app with Firebase Test Lab.

What you need Android Studio version 2. A test device with Android 2. Clone the GitHub repository from the command line: If you want to run the finished app, you have to create a project in the Firebase console corresponding to the package name and SHA1.

See Create Firebase Console Project for the command. Also you will have to enable Google as an Auth Provider; do this in the Authentication section of the Firebase console.

You should now have the android-start project open in Android Studio. Go to the Firebase console.

how to write android application tutorial

Enter the codelab's package name: Enter the SHA1 of your signing keystore. If you are using the standard debug keystore, use the command below to find the SHA1 hash: Your debug keystore, usually called "debug.

Add google-services plugin to your app The google-services plugin uses the google-services. The following line should already be added to the end of the build.

For this codelab, you should only need to use Sync Project with Gradle files at this point. Now that you have imported the project into Android Studio and configured the google-services plugin with your JSON file, you are ready to run the app for the first time.

Firebase Android Codelab

Connect your Android device, and click Run in the Android Studio toolbar. The app should launch on your device. At this point, you should see an empty message list, and sending and receiving messages will not work. In the next section, you authenticate users so they can use Friendly Chat. Let's require a user to sign in before reading or posting any Friendly Chat messages.

Go to your project in the Firebase console and select Database. Select Get Started in the Realtime Database option.

how to write android application tutorial

When prompted for security rules, choose to start in either test mode or locked mode, choose test mode. Once the default rules are established, select the Rules tab and update the rules configuration with the following: Add the following to the onCreate method after mUsername has been initialized: Next we need to implement the sign-in screen to properly authenticate users.

Here a simple Sign-In button is used to initiate authentication.

Anatomy of Android Application

In this step you will implement the logic to Sign-In with Google, and then use that Google account to authenticate with Firebase.Note: This thumbnail image from "data" might be good for an icon, but not a lot more. Dealing with a full-sized image takes a bit more work. Save the full-size photo. The Android Camera application saves a full-size photo if you give it a file to save into.

Application Name: "My First "" You might want to change the project location. Also, if you want to write a Kotlin app, check the Include Kotlin support checkbox. Leave the other options as they are. Click Next. In the Target Android Devices screen, keep the default values and click Next.

In the Add an Activity to. Material Design, a new design language that gives design guidelines for Android apps and apps on other platforms, was introduced with the release of Android Lollipop.

A very nice tutorial! It helped me to understand some basic idea in Android programming. Thanks a lot! I’d suggest including the in the Code highlights of “Step 3”, the linkage of Seach button and Search function is defined in the xml.

This android tutorial is to help learn location based service in android platform. Knowing the current location in an android mobile will pave the way for developing many innovative Android apps to solve peoples daily problem.

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How to use JSON to parse data into android application