Feminist perspectives philosophical essays on method and morals

For the first time in human history women came out collectively to demand their rights, their place under the sun. The emancipation of women from centuries of oppression became an urgent and immediate question. It is not that earlier women did not realize their oppression. They articulated this oppression in various ways — through folk songs, pithy idioms and poems, paintings and other forms of art to which they had access.

Feminist perspectives philosophical essays on method and morals

Retrieved November 22,from https: An argument against the view that women think differently than men. Classic discussion of sexism and the position of women.

Feminism, Western Culture and the Body, Berkeley: University of California Press. Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, New York: Draws on psychoanalytic theory to argue that gender is constructed through psychological processes caused by parenting modes.

Argues that black feminist academics have a privileged epistemic position. Collection of essays in the analytic tradition. Examination of current work on gender difference, arguing that despite claims to the contrary, the existing scientific research purporting to show gender differences is not of a high enough standard to support any strong conclusions.

Power and the Ethics of Knowing, Oxford: Account of the ways in which women are systematically undervalued as knowers. Starts from empirical claims about the moral development of girls and argues that we can interpret the evidence so that women are different but not inferior to men in moral development.

Practices of Cultural Regulation, Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, — Collection of articles including a broad range of perspectives. Offers an account of standpoint theory. From Margin to Center, Boston: Essays critiquing capitalist patriarchy, and exploring Black feminism.

Argues that Western feminists should proceed with caution when critiquing other cultures. A Cultural History, New York: A sociological account of the norms and problems of masculinity in American culture.

The original argument that sexual harassment should be taken seriously by the law. Argument that sexuality is constructed by pornography.

Selected Writings, 2nd edn, ed. A collection of philosophical essays on masculinity. The Subjection of Women. Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer. An argument that women should be treated the same as men. State University of New York Press, 13— Mills develops the argument of his book, The Racial Contract, arguing that the ignorance of the oppressed group can be active, and discussing the various mechanisms through which ignorance is maintained.

A critique of Western approaches to Third World gender inequality and defence of a universal approach to Third World feminism.

An account of an ethics based on caring rather than abstract universal principles. Essays on the connections between sex and justice, including essays on global justice, and prostitution. An argument that the heterosexual family is the major source of gender inequality, and a positive account of how to structure our institutions more fairly.

A defence of objective feminist principles in the face of cultural practices.

Feminist perspectives philosophical essays on method and morals

Argues that prostitution is problematic because of the patriarchal context. Issues and Arguments, Oxford: Clear, accessible textbook on feminist philosophy.Baier, like many of those writing in feminist ethics, begins with reflection on Carol Gilligan, and finds in women’s ethical writing “the voice Gilligan heard, made reflective and philosophical”.

Feminist Ethics

Study of feminist perspectives on important philosophical questions. Examples of the questions treated are: mind- The Moral Skeptic (Oxford University Press: ). methods for philosophical inquiry. 1. Weekly Analysis Summaries and presentations.

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2. Quality of the form (essay. Feminist philosophy refers to philosophy approached from a feminist perspective. Feminist philosophy involves both attempts to use the methods of philosophy to further the cause of the feminist movements Greece Essay about Philosophy Ethics, or "moral philosophy," is concerned primarily with the question of the best way to live, and.

While ethics theories often focus on justice, care, an "equally valid moral perspective," is usually disregarded because of male bias.

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The two perspectives are often pleasant-sounding, but a need for care point of view precedence exists. Is philosophy's method of argumentation gendered? Is the Socratic method a male thing? An alternative perspective, Ladies Against Feminism Philosophy Talk relies on the support of listeners like you to stay on the air and online.

Feminist perspectives philosophical essays on method and morals

Any contribution, large or small, helps us produce intelligent, reflective radio that questions everything. Ethics vs. Cognitive Science,” in Mind and Morals: Essays on Ethics and Cognitive Science, edited by Larry May et al.

Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, “Freedom and Feminism,” in Democracy and Possessive Individualism: The Intellectual Legacy of C.B.

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