Egg donation research paper

Ethics and regulation of inter-country medically assisted reproduction: But infertility and its treatment continue to be a cause of suffering, and over the past

Egg donation research paper

While sporadic studies in previous years had identified nesting activity in Grenada, data collected by Ocean Spirits since has shown that the nesting site found at Levera beach alone is home to one of the top 5 populations of nesting leatherbacks in the region.

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Results from this initial study also revealed high levels of illegal egg poaching, which exceeded 90 at some sites.

Ocean Spirits is actively tackling this issue and has considerably reduced this threat Education At Ocean Spirits we believe that any research initiative that seeks to promote change in the way a resource is utilised must have a complimentary educational component that brings to the forefront understanding and awareness of the issues being addressed.

The foundation of Ocean Spirits' work is education. Without developing public understanding and awareness, the findings of our research efforts would be worthless in terms of addressing traditional perceptions of a natural resource.

To date over Egg donation research paper, students ranging from pre-schools to University students have been reached through our educational programs.

Egg donation research paper

Each season Ocean Spirits host week long Community Communities throughout Grenada have historically relied upon turtles as a source of food and income. Coupled with the consumptive use of adults and despite legislation to protect them, turtle eggs continue to be harvested from nesting sites to be sold and distributed throughout the family structure.

As all species of turtle become increasingly threatened, Ocean Spirits is working with local communities to utilise this natural resource through means other than consumptive use.

One way to achieve this is to demonstrate that the financial value of a nesting Egg donation research paper is substantially higher than that of its dead counterpart.

Gallery A few snaps from our project! Our Team Our team is a well honed mix of local and international talent Kate Charles Project Manager Kate Charles, is a marine biologist with a passion for sea turtles. First joined the project in She is responsible for the running of the project and is also the education and outreach Coordinator.

Famous for her pancake breakfast treats Kester Charles "Sugar" Field Manager Kester Charles also known as Sugar has been with the project since when he successfully completed the turtle watching guide training course and decided he wanted more hands on work.

He has remained a key member of the team ever since and co-ordinates day to day life on the project. To add to his skills, Kester is one of the best chefs the project has had!

Clifford Hypolite "Praggi" Field Research Supervisor Clifford but everyone calls him "Praggi" is a lifeguard and fisherman from River Sallee who has worked with the project since He is a prolific free diver and an expert on everything we do on the beach.

Most years, Praggi works more nights than anybody else on Levera, so if you can keep up with him you get a gold star! Kimron "Gatti" Field Research Supervisor Kimron or "Gatti" trained as a turtle watching guide initially, but soon showed his preference for working with the research teams.

Kimron work as a sports teacher within the communities in his spare time, and as a player with the Grenada football team. Steve "Tiger" Field Research Supervisor Steve also known as Tiger originally joined the project as a diver on the hawksbill programme, but is now seen just as often on Levera.

Another fisherman, his discussions with Praggi about the off-shore island currents and where to best catch turtles for tagging can go on for days!

Dr Clare Morrall President Dr. Morrall has run and assisted a wide range of shore and ship based research projects in the Caribbean over the past twenty years. Morrall keenly supports a range of environmental initiatives in the Caribbean. Morrall is a keen swimmer and a competitive J24 sailor.

But these days he leads a more sedentary life in the hills of North Wales supporting the project from afar. Cocooned away from Society, he now lives a frugal and quiet life, ever hopeful he will encounter the same leatherbacks he met in Grenada dining out on the finest jellyfish the Irish Sea has to offer.

Volunteer With Us We can't do it with out you! Volunteers are an essential part of Ocean Spirits and provide the project with the support to collect our research and teach conservation to many school students each season. As a research volunteer, you become part of a small team of dedicated staff and become vital in working together to enable Ocean Spirits to achieve its goals.

If you are ready to give up some of your home comforts in exchange for sand between your toes and sea turtles this is the project for you! Your first night with Ocean Spirits is spent enjoying a locally cooked dinner with fellow new and present volunteers and the project house staff getting to know each other.

The next day will be spent on an orientation of the local area and nesting beaches, data collection training and sea turtle biology presentations, with a popular cool down dip in the ocean before dinner.

You will then spend your volunteering time monitoring nesting sea turtles and assisting hatchlings with some early morning patrols at sunrise and all night patrols measuring turtles, tagging, counting eggs and relocating nests when needed beneath the stars.

Throughout the day you will join in beach profiling, coastal beach surveys, nest excavations May-Augsea turtle junior rangers program, school visits, summer camps and community awareness days.

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The contributions, dedication and commitment are vital to our project growth. Each volunteer opportunity, although different, contributes an important part to the Organisation as a whole.

In short, without volunteer participation the project would not be possible. To learn more and apply to become an Ocean Spirits Research Volunteer visit our page at Working Abroad or take a peek here or here at the sort of things our volunteers get to take part in with the project.Research: Are Surrogacy and Other Family-Building Options Harmful?

(A similar discussion has happened in the past around egg donors, who get paid much more than sperm donors because of the intrusion on their health.) Research paper attached (click link below): Jadva et al (Human Reproduction, ), The experiences of adolescents and.

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May 11,  · In the study, Dr. Aaron Levine, an assistant professor of public policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology, examined more than egg donation ads from 63 . If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit PBS LearningMedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade.

PAPER 1 FOR "ANIL AGGRAWAL'S INTERNET JOURNAL OF FORENSIC MEDICINE AND TOXICOLOGY. THE TITLE OF THE PAPER IS "Ethical and Legal aspects of Artificial Reproductive Techniques including surrogacy".

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