Case analysis of trap ease america the big cheese of mousetraps

Hire Writer Secondly, our society is ever-changing and therefore so are the consumers as well as heir desires and needs; a company must follow this trend In order to maintain Its success In the future.

Case analysis of trap ease america the big cheese of mousetraps

Leave a comment Company Case Study: The big Cheese of Mousetraps In Chapter 2, we analyzed Trap-Ease America, a company that developed an innovative mousetrap, yet was unable to materialize demand for the product. Martha and the Trap-Ease America Investors believe they face a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What information do they need to evaluate this opportunity? How do you think the group would write its mission statement?

Marketing Presentation: Trap-Ease America by Bart Broekhoff on Prezi

Reqiured Information to Evaluate the Opportunity: Trap-Ease provides a mouse-free environment in a convenient and effective manner while taking into consideration the needs and values of all users.

Has Martha identified the best target market for Trap-Ease? What other market segments might the firm target? Stay at home women with families is definitely the best target market.

The firm may also target single women. How has the company positioned the Trap-Ease for the chosen target market? Could it position the product in other ways?

The Trap-Ease has been positioned for the chosen target market through national grocery, hardware, and discount chains.

Case-Study: Trap-Ease America | Case Study Template

The trap is sold directly to large retailers to cut out middlemen. The Trap-Ease could also be advertised on telemarketing channels and on social media outlets that are popular among women Pinterest, etc. How would you describe the current marketing mix for Trap-Ease?

Case analysis of trap ease america the big cheese of mousetraps

Do you see any problems with this mix? Trap-Ease America has an innovative product that fulfills the needs of consumers. The high price of Trap-Ease seems to be consistent with a quality differentiation strategy, but Trap-Ease America could also offer a wide range of prices on different models of the trap if they would like to widen their product range.

National grocery, hardware, drug chains. Trap-Ease America should promote over the internet and tv channels that cater to their target market, women.TOAST.

Books by Charles Stross. Singularity Sky. The Atrocity Archive. Iron Sunrise. The Family Trade. The Hidden Family. Accelerando. TOAST. Charles Stross. COSMOS BOOKS. Martha, in our case-study 1. 5 titled Trap-Ease America: The Big Cheese of Mousetraps (Kettle & Armstrong, , p.

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), does not appear to have much experience in running a company in any aspect, even when given a product that had the potential to be a great success. Case Study: Trap­Ease America 1. Trap­ Ease only has a once­in­a­lifetime opportunity because the investors see that this product has big potential since the idea is great.

The investors saw the product and automatically saw that people would buy it since it is such an easy and clean solution to something associated with messy and violent. Marketing. Case 1. Trap-Ease America: The big cheese mousetrap.

1. In order to evaluate their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the investors need the information if there’s another more sophisticated tool of fighting against mice. Case study.

Trap-Ease America: The Big Cheese of Mouse traps Faculty Name: Team Members: Sri, Tanushree Das,, Abhiram, timberdesignmag.coma Rao, Krishna Issue: A group of investors in order to market the innovative mouse trap formed trap ease America in January.5/5(5).

OBJECTIVE OF CASE STUDY The objective of this case study is to: 1. Have a concept on the background of Trap Ease America 2. Solve the problems faced by Trap Ease America in marketing the products 3. Restate the new mission statement of Trap Ease America 4.

Identify the target markets that can be chosen by Trap Ease America 5. Identify ways on repositioning the products of Trap Ease America %(19).

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