Burgermeisters daughter essay

Why do super-rich activists mock their critics instead of listening to them? Then, answering his own question with a particular focus on nonrevolutionary writers, he declared: This was a harsh statement, though one that Gates had every right to express.

Cleveland College of Jewish Studies The Problematics of Philosemitic Fiction The role of fiction in propagating and up- dating antisemitic stereotypes in modern Germanyiswidely acknowledged.

Burgermeisters daughter essay

Even the racist, vijlkisch and para- noid trilogy of novels by Arthur Dinter prob- ably exerted more influence than political tracts. Dinter and Freytag are taken here as the two poles which tacitly define the range of fictional Jewishness. Dinter portrayed "the Jew" as irredeemably vile.

Beginning in the s, Freytag spoke out against antisemitism, raised his stepson from his third wife as a Jew, and regarded himself a stalwart liberal. While these works exerted less influ- ence than Freytag or Dinter, it would never- theless be imprudent to dismiss them as aber- rations.

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The authors discussed here may not have been famous, but neither were they un- known scriveners without readers. These works take the '3ewish Question" as their principal subject.

Additional works could ex- pand the discussion Burgermeisters daughter essay this essay does not present a thorough analysis of prodewish themes in German literature. Rather, it is an invitation to scholars in Ger- man studies to undertake a more systematic investigation of pro Jewish themes -an able doctoral candidate would fmd plenty to write about.

My use of the term philosemitic is quali- fied in several ways. When determining the presence or absence of literary antisemitism, those who argue that the text rather than the author should be the decisive factor make the better case.

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Recent scholarship indicates that various authors assumed a "Semitism" notwithstanding widely diver- gent views as to what "Semitism" entailed -overemphasis on the topic being the con- stant in this discourse.

Finally, I accept that the term philosem- itism is both place- and time-specific. Reli- gious conversion, the balancing of political tradition and reform, and the endless debate between Hebraism and Hellenism loomed large in British representations of the Jew, but played only a minor role in German fic- tion.

While political emancipation, economic embourgeoisement and intellectual Bildung were critical themes for the contemporaries of Lessing, they no longer appear as critical themes for proJewish German authors by the end of the 19th century, What themes drew the attentions of philosemitically inclined authors in Imperial and Weimar Germany?

What issues touch- ing JewsiJewishness did they write about?

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My selection of the themes of Heimat, the nexus of love and death, and poweripower- lessness are both tentative and subjective- other readers could conceivably identify oth- er themes; the consideration of other works could alter my conclusions. Nevertheless, I think the historical context makes the prom- inence of these three themes more than arbi- trary and less than surprising.

In and the German Reich granted formal recognition to Jews as citi- zens entitled to equal rights under the law. But Germans, as Peter Pulzer observes, did not share this ultimately French understand- ing of belonging. The more the Bismarckian set- tlement foisted Prussian leadership into every area of life, the more a sense of local belonging became necessary as a means of validating the heterogeneity of actual Ger- mans.

Germans reflecting on the feeling of belonging, often turned to a romanticized notion of Heimat. Christian authors who championed German Jews as an integral part of Germany naturally sought recourse in the concept ofHeimat, but the tension be- tween formal equality and the informal quality of "belonging" posed a problem for gentile authors sympathetic to the Jewish condition.

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Although the works in question kept clear of the paranoia typical of anti- semitic representations, the initial success of the Jewish characters, especially when they enter the public domain, inevitably led to di- saster.

The following works illustrate the three themes just described. The opening begins by contrasting the earliest days of Hansgeorg Weete, the blond, handsome, earth-bound child of North Germany Wesermarch with Samuel Goldstein, the brilliant but troubled scion of Eastern European Jews who moved to Oldenburg from the Jewish ghetto of Lon- don's East End.

While Hansgeorg's mother sings him a lullaby sung, "in allen Idiomen der deutschen Heimat," Samuel's mother's tune in Yiddishzed German extols the vir- tue of Torah study and implores him to re- main, "un ehlicher Jued Wet er aftomid ver- bleiben.Prism Spring - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Burgermeisters daughter essay

Yeshiva University Prism Journal Prism: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educators is a publication of the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration at Yeshiva University. It is made possible by a generous grant from the Henry, Bertha, and Edward Rothman Foundation. Sandra Cisneros in her essay “Only Daughter” that intertwines her story as the outsider, the “only daughter” in a family of six sons who articulates a yearning for her father’s acceptance of her as a daughter and as a writer, both of which delimit her as an individual.

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In his essay “The Distress of the Small East European States,” the Hungarian thinker István Bibó remarked upon a specific psychological feature of the peoples of this region—the existential fear experienced on the collective level, the fear of real or imaginary danger of the death of the national community as a result of the loss of.

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