Bariatric surgery and applications biology essay

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Bariatric surgery and applications biology essay

Obesity No studies evaluate the commonly used indications for bariatric surgery. C, based on consensus guidelines. They help with weight loss in different ways.

A normal stomach can hold about 3 pints of food. After surgery, the stomach may at first hold as little as an ounce, although later that could stretch to 2 or 3 ounces.

The smaller the stomach, the less you can eat. The less you eat the more weight you lose. In addition to restricting the size of the stomach, these surgeries physically remove or bypass parts of your digestive tract, which makes it harder for your body to absorb calories.

Purely malabsorptive surgeries — also called intestinal bypasses — are no longer done because of the side effects. Specific Types of Weight Loss Surgery There are many different surgical procedures for weight loss, and each has several variations.

Adjustable Gastric Banding Gastric banding is among the least invasive weight loss treatments. This surgery uses an inflatable band to squeeze the stomach into two sections: Gastric banding physically restricts the amount of food you can take in at a meal.

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Most people can only eat a? The food also needs to be soft or well-chewed. There are several brands of adjustable gastric bands available. Recovery is usually faster.

You can also have it reversed by surgically removing the band. To tighten the band and further restrict the stomach size, more saline solution is injected into the band.

To loosen it, the liquid is removed with a needle. People who get gastric banding often have less dramatic weight loss than those who get more invasive surgeries. They may also be more likely to regain some of the weight over the years. The most common side effect of gastric banding is vomiting, a result of eating too much too quickly.

It might slip out of place, or become too loose, or leak. Sometimes, further surgeries are necessary. As with any surgery, infection is always a risk.

Bariatric surgery and applications biology essay

Although unlikely, some complications can be life-threatening. Sleeve Gastrectomy This is another form of restrictive weight loss surgery. What remains of the stomach is a narrow tube or sleeve, which connects to the intestines.

Sometimes, a sleeve gastrectomy is a first step in a sequence of weight loss surgeries. It can be followed up by gastric bypass or biliopancreatic diversion, if more weight loss is needed.

However, in other cases, it might be the only surgery you need. For people who are very obese or sick, standard gastric bypass or biliopancreatic diversion may be too risky.

A sleeve gastrectomy is a simpler operation that allows them a lower-risk way to lose weight. Unlike gastric banding procedures, a sleeve gastrectomy is irreversible. Typical surgical risks include infection, leaking of the sleeve, and blood clots. It combines both restrictive and malabsorptive approaches.

It can be done as either a minimally invasive or open surgery. In the operation, the surgeon divides the stomach into two parts, sealing off the upper section from the lower. The surgeon then connects the upper stomach directly to the lower section of the small intestine.

Essentially, the surgeon is creating a shortcut for the food, bypassing a section of the stomach and the small intestine.

Skipping these parts of the digestive tract means that fewer calories get absorbed into the body.Nutrients, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. Essay on Bariatric Surgery Recent arguments claim plastic surgery to be a life saving alternative while others continue argue the many risks involved.

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When a patient undergoes bariatric surgery, they undergo a type of operation Fair Use Policy; Help Centre; Notifications. Bariatric Surgery: Types and Applications.

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Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: Biology Essay Writing Service Essays More Biology Essays. We can help with your essay Find out more. Essay on Bariatric Surgery Bariatric Surgery; is it Worth the Cost Name: Institution: Bariatric surgery is a form of weight loss method that can be used as a last resort to treat people with extreme obesity.

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