An essay on the london blitz

Martin takes the radio home and sets it up by his bed.

An essay on the london blitz

Not amazing enough to give it four stars, but I did enjoy it. I could have used some more details at certain parts and when Edie and Tom surprised their parents by coming home from the country, everyone was much too calm about it.

There were lots of good details concerning the Blitz. A few swear words and toward the end Edie says she doesn't believe in God because view spoiler [her brother died hide spoiler ].

Not a bad story; just not riveting. It is a diary entry from by a girl named Edie. I like it because it explains how Edie's family felt during the bombing, so it explains their feelings clearly, I also like the bombing, because you can kind of feel what it's like to be there inside the air-raid shelter.

Edie and her family are living in south London in Lewisham num. Edie is 10 when she starts to write the diary and this is what had happened. David is in the ARP and so her Mum has to look after the children while Frank is the air force but then he sadly dies in a crash land near where they lived and while their Dad goes to try and put fires at rest until her Mum decides to also join the ARP to do her part in the war, but soon its gets a bit too dangerous and Edie and Tom are evacuated to Llantrisant in Wales where there is no bombing because the Germans didn't think that is was worthwhile bombing the place because there was nothing much there just farms and no cities and no major buildings to bomb so they thought it was just a waist of time.

They work on a farm and obviously have to help, don't they?

An essay on the london blitz

School was really awful, but at first it was alright, they had a nice teacher called Mrs Williams and made them talk about the life in Lewisham.

Children kept on giving them dirty looks, at the school there is a bully called Phillip Morgan and he had a fight with Tom and obviously Edie had to go and sort it out and she got in trouble with Mr James and got sent upstairs. When Edie and Tom returned to their house, the air-raid started again then sadly there house got bombed.

An essay on the london blitz

After when their house collapsed, they thought that they'd me moving to the Red Cross Centre, but instead they moved in to a poky flat for about a year afterwards. Edie is 15, Shirl got married to a man called Christopher Goodfellow he works in Downham.

His job is to manufacture camera lenses that go in reconnaissance aircraft. Tom is taller than Edie, still growing fast, he has a job as a paperboy.

Her Dad didn't come out of the war well, all the years of inhaling smoke and soot had gone to his chest so he was taken out of the air force and won a George Medal what very few firemen achieved during the war.

Her Mum worked for the Lewisham Council and Edie wants to go to university and study history. All in all, it was an enjoyable book. I thought that it is very helpful because it has information about World War 2.

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I'm glad I read this book because I wanted to know more about World War 2, so, now I know what life is like in the Blitz.The London Blitz Essay Words | 5 Pages. In September of through May of there was a strategic bombing attack that was lead by the Germans targeted towards London and other cities located in England, this was known as The Blitz.

World War 2 The Blitz Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report The Port of Liverpool played an important role in the Second World War, staying open to provide a vital supply route for Britain's survival. Visit in london essay blitz primary essay writing year 5 students. Language education essay competition result topics for formal essay rhetorical question the poverty essay body the hermitage essay hotel jakarta?

work and stress essay xml. The Blitz is the phase of the Battle of Britain when the Luftwaffe in September changed it focus from Fighter Command to first London and than other British cities. The change in tactics is generally explained by an errant Luftwaffe bombing of London.

Essay on The London Blitz - In September of through May of there was a strategic bombing attack that was lead by the Germans targeted towards London and other cities located in England, this was known as The Blitz.

What was the impact of the Belfast Blitz in April/May on the city? There was a sheet from a child's essay book, on the top of the page, it read 'the end of the world', it seemed appropriate as it was the end of the world as we knew it.

- report from the Belfast telegraph after the fire raid on the 5th of May

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