An analysis of john gattos essay how public education cripples our kids and why

Yoga and Critical thinking a K curriculum final essay School has not changed much then they did 20 years ago. The only difference is students have so much distraction now a day. But what is still true is that students lack attention and concentration. I am not proposing a silver bullet to help education; Mike Rose will be highly upset about that.

An analysis of john gattos essay how public education cripples our kids and why

My Addition to the K School Curriculum From the early adolescent years, children are taught that they must fulfill the requirement of gaining an education in order to succeed in life.

Innocently, from kindergarten through 12th grade children coast through the repetitive and uninteresting routine that comes along with attending public school; assuming the foundation of knowledge being laid for them will provide them with the skills and intelligence needed to become a productive member of society.

While contents taught in school today can be meaningful and important, they way in which it is taught can be damaging. Our K school system has come to discourage the individual creativity of students minds, and instead, promote the idea that teachers are always correct.

Educators fill their pupils with carefully chosen knowledge and subjective opinions, rarely, if ever, allowing the student to form a logical and valid viewpoint of their own. Depriving our youth of the ability to express and argue their own opinions is a harmful misdeed.

In order for a person to truly become powerful, they must first learn how to think independently. Critical thinking is a concept that will grant students the capability to view questions, issues, and ideas from many angels, by working cooperatively with their teachers and peers.

Considering the diversity and openness of this approach, adding the element of critical thinking in the classroom will help our youth become better, and more informed observers of life.

It is no secret that classrooms today have become a place of dullness, and boredom. John Taylor Gatto, a school teacher of thirty years and author of Against School: They said the work was stupid, that it made no sense, that they already knew it. Some might argue that this method would take away from the importance of core subjects such as math, history, etc.

However, students would learn the valuable skill of forming valid, purposeful opinions by engaging themselves in group discussions. They would no longer be forced to agree with only one opinion, but instead, actively ask questions and work with others to discover their own beliefs and views.

By nature, Children have an admirable passion for curiosity. In fact, a recent survey by online retailer Littlewoods. Unfortunately, this passion is often short lived. With the monotonous lesson plans and one-sided opinions that our educational system provides, children are being taught to conform to a certain standard.

They are robbed of their natural desire to be inquisitive and instead, forced to obey a curriculum geared only to deposit information for the sake of memorization. With enough practice of critical thinking, they will re-learn how to question the world around them.

This will aid in the ability for our youth to logically devise strategies, and solve problems, whether they are school, work, or life related. Educators and school administrators are entirely in control of what is to be taught, and how it is rendered to the students.

This method of teaching is not in the best interest of the children. It does not allow for them to think creatively and originally.

Against School - John Taylor Gatto

Stroope, an overly-confident, go-with-the-flow teacher, confronts an intelligent student who corrected him during class. Stroope becomes upset and in so many words, tells the student to stop being so smart.

Some might agree that there is a sense of disrespect when a student corrects, or confronts a teacher. However, if we discourage our youth from expressing their thoughts and intelligence, they will never be able to thrive.

Praising a student for accomplishing the simple task of thinking would embed confidence among them for life. The once feared task of having your own voice would diminish, thus introducing them to a wide range of opportunity in the future.

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One of the key components involved with critical thinking is allowing students to work in a community-like environment in the classroom. In addition to student participation, educators would become a part of the classroom community as well.

This would mean voiding the implied rule that the teacher must always be right. Practical Wisdom suggests that teachers must be open at all times. Authority figures today would aruge that educators should teach only the material given in the current curriculum.

They wish to withhold young minds from too much knowledge, fearing they might in fact become powerful beyond what society is ready to bare.

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The truth is, it is simply not right to deprive students of their right to be smart. By creating this classroom-wide interaction, teachers and students would be able to embrace the learning process by freely contributing their own unique and important thoughts, while openly considering the thoughts of others.

Being able to think independently is a crucial skill needed to become a successful person.“How public education cripples our kids, and why”, written by John Taylor Gatto, is papered with evidences. Even though the literal beauty does not exist in the essay, he starts out blocking all the possible arguments that could be created in the first place by placing evidences in his essay everywhere, unable to criticize on his content.

Taylor Gatto Educational Essay. Essay In John Taylor Gatto’s article “Against School,” he makes the argument that the public education system cripples and entraps the minds of its students, preventing them from thriving and performing at their maximum capabilities. Throughout his article he provides seven main points to support his claims.

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An analysis of john gattos essay how public education cripples our kids and why

How public education cripples our kids, and why. By John Taylor Gatto. Download Pdf. Read Online. This article is available in PDF and Microfiche formats only.

How public education cripples our kids, and why

You are currently viewing this article as a guest. If you are a subscriber, please sign in. More from John Taylor Gatto. Jan 20,  · In John Taylor Gatto’s “Against School: How Public Education Cripples Our Kids, and Why,” he calls schools “virtual factories of childishness” –places where children are taught to be immature, passive, bored, boring and unintellectual.

We will write a custom sample essay on A rhetorical analysis of against school by John Taylor Gatto specifically for you for only $ $ /page Order now. A large portion of John Taylor Gatto’s essay Against School discusses the reasoning and history behind our public school system in America.

In some ways I agree with him; the public school system is in definite need of revamping, while educators are in desperate need of a new system to teach our kids.

Against School - John Taylor Gatto